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Balanced Edge is a forensic accounting and investigations firm that exclusively focuses on the investigation, quantification, and documentation of employee defalcation and fraud. We are located in Brookfield, WI but serve a nationwide clientele.

Forensic Accounting and Investigation Services:

  1. Assisting insurers in evaluating claims submitted for employee dishonesty.
  2. Working with corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and professional service firms when an irregularity has been found that may indicate a dishonest employee(s), including preparation and documentation of the claim.
  3. Evaluating company books and records to determine if there have been improper payments and funds uses by a fiduciary (partner, shareholder, or ex-manager).
  4. Conducting fraud (preventative) reviews to insure that no improper uses of funds have occurred and serve as a deterrent to make it less likely that it will occur.
  5. Investigate and document financial losses/impact in criminal matters.
  6. Assist in recovery efforts on the above matters.
  7. Evaluate allegations of misstated income, hidden assets, and diverted funds in divorce matters.

Our Competitive Advantage

  1. We view the identification and quantification of fraud as a serious matter and incorporate several redundant analyses and documentation in our approach. Supporting our work from multiple perspectives allows us to provide our clients with the greater confidence needed to make their decisions.
  2. We combine extensive interviews and on-site inspections with our review of financial documents wherever and whenever possible. This allows us to view a fraud from a broader and more informed perspective.
  3. Our billing rates are kept reasonable to allow us to do the work needed in #1 and #2 above at a cost that is not prohibitive. We work with our clients to minimize travel costs and time.
  4. We work with professional organizations including the ACFE, AICPA, WICPA, and others to further our education in fraud-related topics. Keeping current with the professions’ approaches, guideline, procedures, and insights keeps us at the forefront of our field.
  5. Our educational emphasis includes pursuing specialized knowledge of accounting programs like QuickBooks, as well as forensic tools like IDEA, MS Access, IZ Analyst’s Notebook, and various Excel functions to the extent they apply to fraud and embezzlement analysis.
  6. We handle all sizes/shapes of matters. Our work over the past 2 years has involved matters with less than $1,000 of fraud or more than $15,000,000 of fraud.
  7. Our substantial experience over a number of schemes allows us to build on past knowledge to assist in identifying current problems. We’ve handled well over 1000 embezzlement/fraud investigations.

Why Our Clients Call Us and Retain Us

1-They are fidelity claims adjusters and have received a loss submission involving accounting issues, significant documents, and unanswered questions.

2-They are fidelity claims adjusters and their insured is having problems documenting its loss and accumulating its document/data support.

3-They are a business, non-profit entity, or religious institution and they have just discovered a financial irregularity that needs to be investigated and documented. They seek to answer – how much? How long? How far did this go? They may seek recovery from insurance, the embezzler, or 3rd parties that contributed to the problem.

4-They are unsure if their organization is protected from fraud.

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