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About Us

Balanced Edge is a full service forensic and investigative accounting company, including Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Public Accountants, and others with specialized knowledge of fraud investigation. We routinely service clients on a nationwide basis and have investigated foreign financial crimes in multiple countries as well. We assist in determining how a fraud occurred, quantifying the amount of loss due to fraud, pursuing recovery of amounts lost due to fraud, and helping to prevent fraud from occurring.

Our History

The employee-consultants of Balanced Edge have worked on fraud investigations since the 1980’s for a number of national and international forensic accounting firms. Balanced Edge was formed in 1/2014 to concentrate the efforts of those professionals to fraud and employee embezzlements and bring on a broader range of disciplines and expertise.

John G. Peters, CPA, CFF

John has been evaluating employee defalcations, fraud, criminal financial matters, and alleged improper uses of funds since the late-1970’s and actively handles 10-15 such matters each year. In addition to evaluation of the control structure and financial documentation surrounding allegations of theft, John provides testimony in court, deposition, hearing, or arbitration and assists attorneys in addressing the related financial issues in deposition/cross examination of witnesses. John has provided seminars on evaluation and prevention of employee defalcations before CPA society groups, college fraud classes, insurance industry associations, and company groups.

Contact John: jpeterscpa@balancededgeinc.com

Susan Peters, M.S., CFE (on leave)

Susan has been evaluating employee defalcations since the early 2000’s and handles more than 30 such matters each year. She participates in co-worker interviews to understand control structure/lapses, gathering supporting documents for crime losses, cross-corroboration of losses, tests of reasonableness, working with police/authorities, and interview of the accused where possible. Susan has given presentations on a number of fraud related topics. Susan is an active member and treasurer of the Milwaukee Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Susan received her Masters in Economic Crime Management at Utica College, NY.

Contact Susan: speterscfe@balancededgeinc.com

Lester V. Hankes, Jr. CPA, CFE, CFF

Les has been evaluating employee defalcations, fraud, and alleged improper use of funds since the late 1970’s. He handles 10-15 such matters each year. Les has assisted counsel in investigatating, documenting and researching employee theft and fraud. He has also provided testimony when needed.

Contact Lester: lhankes@balancededgeinc.com

Tommy M. Michuda, CPA, CFE (on leave)

Tom joined Balanced Edge in August 2015 as a fraud investigator / forensic accountant. He is an active member of the Milwaukee Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He previously worked at Deloitte & Touche, LLP as an external auditor. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Criminal Justice post-baccalaureate minor from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Contact Tommy: tmichudacpa@balancededgeinc.com


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